Monashee Spring Water is closer to the body’s natural water, than any water we tested.


— Dr. Bud Rickhi


We are a 100% Canadian owned and operated company that believes in the benefits of quality water to one’s overall wellbeing. Our commitment to you is to provide the best bottled water product we can, which is why we take extra care in everything we do—from testing, to bottling, to delivery. You can read all about the rigorous testing our water goes through here, and if you are interested in more specific information about delivery schedules and pricing in your area then please feel free to contact us.

We provide superior bottled water products to homes and offices throughout Western Canada with the help of local distribution partners throughout the region. Here’s what a few of our valued customers have to say about us:


Monashee water has the best biological profile of any water (brands) we have tested
A Special thank you Monashee Spring Water for all your support. Great tasting spring water and extremely healthy as well. Great for any athlete.
To compete with the World's best, and be one of the World's best, no detail can be left unattended....even down to the fluids I put in my body. The fact that the ph level of Monashee Spring Water is close to that of the human body, is the reason that I have made it a huge part of my daily training and living regime.
Our research has found Monashee Spring Water to be as close to the body’s natural water as possible.
We recommend Monashee Spring Water to all our patients. It is by far the best spring water available. They have exceptional water and great service.
Great product and service. The private label bottled water was a hit with our customers and staff. What a great idea and very reasonable.
Our 2005 event was a big success with many positive comments from runners, organizers and others involved. This success could not have been achieved without Monashee Spring Water. Thank You.
Since we discovered Monashee Spring Water in the mid 90’s, it has been our choice for health, taste and feel. It is smooth and tastes great at room temperature. We recommend it to all our clients at both our Wellness Centers and take it with us everywhere we go. When you have experienced the best, no other will do. Keep it Coming Monashee!


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